Alleged specifications for the Apple M1X chipset were leaked through benchmarking.

Apple recently launched its M1 processor, a chip designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It also launched three new Mac devices powered by the M1 chipset, leading to the transition in processor type from Intel to the M1.

This year, they will be launching several new Apple products, including an Apple Silicon chipset and several Mac devices. While Apple has not yet announced anything, a new leak seems to have provided confirmation of the upcoming chipset. Reports indicate the successor of the iPhone 5 has been spotted on a benchmarking platform. However, it seems that the chipsets’ specifications are to provide additional protection to the product, rather than the product’s actual quality.

Based on the report, the chipset is slated to come with a 12-core CPU upgrade over the M1’s 8-core CPU. The GPU within the Xavier SoC will also have 16 cores instead of just 8. We expect the processor to be clocked at 3.2GHz and to run on a 5nm process.

The first results released by CPU Monkey showed the “M1X” chipset’s “pre-sample” specifications. We are unable to confirm the authenticity of this, so we recommend you refer to it as ‘unconfirmed’ Apple’s next generation of Intel chips will power the upcoming 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, and 27-inch iMac. Apple is developing chips with 16 and 32 cores dedicated to graphics.