After last release, Mi A3 gets second Android 11 update Caused Bricking issue for some users

Xiomi Mi A3 main

A few days after the first unstable patch, Mi A3 users have begun receiving a new Android 11 update. Android 11 also carried the previous release, but with a problem which caused the updated devices to stop working. Xiaomi recognized the issue and stopped the release, which had begun last week for Mi A3 users in global markets. Although upgrading the devices to the latest operating system, the latest Android 11 update for the Mi A3 seems to have overcome the earlier issue.

Xiaomi has stated to Gadgets 360 that the latest Android 11 update for Mi A3 with software version has been released in India. The update rollout began late on Tuesday, and some users initially reported it on Twitter. The users reported that the update is 1.40GB in size and contains the Android security patch for December 2020. It is also expected that the update will include the main Android 11 features.

A few days after Xiaomi stopped the original release of Android 11, the latest update for Mi A3 arrived, which caused the devices to brick completely upon installation. Regardless of the warranty status of their units, the company has also recently announced free fixes for the affected users.

Although the latest update doesn’t seem to cause any bricking problems, after installing the new software version, some users have mentioned slow charging time. A few users have also stated that Wi-Fi calling support is not included in the update.

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