Intel Xeon

18 Core Intel Cascade Lake-X CPU Ready to Launched in October

Both Intel and AMD are preparing for the October release of their next-gen HEDT chips. Team blue with the Cascade Lake-X lineup and red carrying up to 64 cores with the 3rd Gen Threadrippers. While the former will again be based on the 14 nm node and the same Skylake core as all other Intel offerings over the past 4-5 years, the latter are expected to leverage the brand new 7 nm Zen 2 core.

Today, we have to share a Geekbench list of an 18-core Cascade Lake-X portion that provides us an idea of what to expect from Intel’s latest HEDT products. Even though it’s more of the same, it indicates that big blue hasn’t given up yet and is set to compete with Zen 2 with a process disadvantage even though it’s paralyzed.

Compared to the current Core i9-9980XE, the newer Cascade Lake-X portion appears to be a minor upgrade with marginal gains. The latest 14 nm iteration is a negligible 3 percent quicker in the single-threaded rating while promising nearly a double-digit improvement in multi-threaded workloads.

Intel Cascade Lake-X Specs

Looking at the two CPU specs, it is evident that this is an early sample as it runs at a reduced frequency than its predecessor. We can therefore expect steeper efficiency gains, possibly with an rise in the TDP as well. The PCIe lanes and DRAM channels should stay unchanged, and while we may see the top-end product with extra cores, the current ones should be satiated with minor frequency increases.

The Xeon chips based on Cascade Lake are already out, so it’s not difficult to imagine what Intel will come up with next. When we hear more about the upcoming HEDT roster, we will let you know. Shouldn’t be long in view of the close release date.